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Consider the skills, qualifications and languages our participants provide:
  • Trained professionals and Certified in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Women who will benefit from on-the-job-training and in turn provide your company with highly skill and already trained future employees.
  • Certified Management Accountants of Ontario (CMA). Partnered with the University of Windsor, Odette School of Business.
  • Locally and internationally trained professionals with years of experience and education in various fields.
Employment Service

Employment Service offers a wide range of resources, supports and service components to respond to the career and employment needs of individuals and the skilled labour needs of employers, and can help individuals on a path to higher skills training and employment.

The components of the Employment Service program are flexible and can be customized to meet the particular needs of clients.

  • Individualized needs assessment and employment counseling
  • Resource and Information workshops
  • Career exploration and job search assistance and training
  • Work placements with or without financial incentives, on-the-job training and employment support
  • Resume/ cover letter building and job interview preparation
  • Second Career
  • Access to computers, Internet and telephones
  • Our Employment Service Program offers financial support to qualified employers to assist in offsetting the cost of training.
  • Opportunity for Training Incentive from $4.00 - $12.00 per hour.
  • Assist in matching skills and interest with work opportunities.
  • There is no risk to employer as there is no obligation to retain the employee.
  • Employers are in a position of competitive advantage when recognizing the value of international experience.
  • Companies are provided with a competitive edge using participant's global and local experience to serve local and international markets.
  • Hiring skilled workers who are often able to communicate effectively in more than one language enhances your business edge within changing local markets and growing international markets.
  • WEST also offers a volunteer placement program to assist your company in meeting its business needs.




Partnering with WEST..can assist you in meeting your business needs. Training incentives are available to qualified employers. Training incentives range from $4.00 - $12.00 per hour depending on the complexity of the position, the length of placement and the training required. Hiring WEST participants can assist your company in meeting your present and future human resources needs and assist your company in transition planning. It's easy! You will be assigned a counsellor who will meet with you briefly, review the programs, answer any questions, provide support to you and our participants in developing a simple training plan and then monitoring that plan to ensure that both your company's and the participant's needs are met. Let WEST help you prepare for the present and future human resource needs.


The Volunteer Placement Program fosters mutually beneficial relationships between local companies and WEST Program participants, whereby both parties are able to draw upon each other's knowledge, skills, and abilities. The result, over time, is a professional relationship built on the principles of mutual respect, trust, and understanding.

How it works
  • Once participants have reached a satisfactory level of job-readiness, we arrange a five-week volunteer placement with an employer placement.
  • Participants understand that this non-paid placement will benefit their immersion into the workforce and development of skills.
  • WEST will undertake the responsibility of workplace liability, as the participants are considered WEST trainees for the duration of the placement.
  • Throughout the duration of the placement, WEST staff support participants and placement hosts, providing on-going support to both parties.
Benefits to employers (labour cost savings, workplace liability coverage, organizational fit determination) - WIN-WIN
  • Labour Cost Savings
    • Are there tasks that could be done more efficiently more often?
    • Are there tasks or special projects not getting done because no one has the time?
    • Are there tasks that take employees away from their more critical job duties?
    • Do you have employees working overtime?
    • Are there tasks that you use a temporary or student employee for?
  • Workplace Liability
    • Do you hesitate working with students or volunteers because of workplace liability coverage? WEST will undertake the responsibility of workplace liability, as the participants are considered WEST trainees for the duration of the placement.


Pre-screened candidates
  • Organizational Fit Determination
    • Hiring new employees is always a risk to any company or organization in that hiring the wrong candidates may result in additional costs. Screening resumes and interviewing candidates may be sufficient in determining whether potential candidates' skills and qualification match a positions' requirements, but what about organizational fit or culture? Aside from screening and interviewing, how can employers potentially eliminate this risk and ensure they are hiring the best candidate that will not only meet the skills and qualifications, but one who will be a great fit to the overall organizational culture?
    • The Volunteer Placement program is a cost free program that not only allows participants and employers to draw upon each other's knowledge, skills, and abilities resulting in a professional relationship, it is a risk free way to observe, assess and evaluate potential candidates - no strings attached.


Mentorship is a great way to help our students successfully navigate through their new career/profession and to help them also understand the Windsor-Essex County business community.

Who are mentors:
Employers, Professional Associations, Service Providers, etc.

What mentorship opportunities are available:
Guest Speaker, Mock Interviews, Placements



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