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Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)
Coordinator, Naheed Ahmed Salman,

Care for Newcomer Children is funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Let's face the facts... woman are an integral part of every family. Some would say they are the glue that holds the entire team together. All the associates at WEST are very understanding of this fact. However, we also understand that a woman needs to have her own identity in the community -beyond that of being a proud mother. Understanding this, WEST offers childcare services for those women who want to attend our programs.

Our CNC centre is comprised of staff who are qualified Early Childhood Educators. They provide a daily program that is based on the emergent curriculum, featuring open-ended activities geared for children of all ages. These stimulating activities are designed to enhance fine-and gross-motor skills, music and movement, social and cognitive skills.

It is important to develop and guide children in their early years, preparing them for elementary school. The children enrolled at WEST will learn new skills that will strengthen their confidence and help them to create healthy relationships with their peers. Our developmentally appropriate programs recognize that activities and materials in the learning environment reflect the competencies' interests, cultural background and experiences of the children present.

Our schedule is busy but the most important experience for the children is learning through play. The centre is set up to allow the children to freely enhance their creative art and sensory skills, to experiment and make scientific observations, to role-play in the dramatic play area and so much more. Our centre provides toys, storybooks and resources that accentuates and promotes multiculturalism among the children.

The selection of daily snacks for the children is based on Canada's Food Guide. During this time the children learn to respect and understand the importance of diversity in other cultures.

To inquire about your child's eligibility for participation in our CNC Centre, please give us a call. Our associates welcome any questions you may have about this or any of our programs.


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