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Ontario Bridge Training Program
Georgia Graham,
Olivia Zhao,
This dynamic program is delivered in a manner that helps candidates conserve time and financial resources.

MTP is specifically designed for internationally trained professionals who have experience in strategic financial management and have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to provide leadership, innovation and an integrating perspective to organizational decision making in the Canadian workplace.

MTP provides the foundation required for those pursuing careers as accountants or those careers, in business or government, which require an understanding of accounting and management methodologies.

Students' competence is emphasized on a wide spectrum of business disciplines and provides the foundation essential for advanced positions in the Canadian business world.

Many professions in Canada are regulated. This means that individuals employed in these professions have to meet certain licensing requirements and, typically, be members of a regulatory body or association in order to legally do their job.

Regulated professions require post-secondary education and years of supervised practical experience in the field of accounting, and or/management experience, and written and/or verbal communication testing to ensure that core skills for the profession are met. Accounting is a regulated profession in Canada.

The MTP program at WEST allows candidates to meet the criteria required to satisfy the CMA regulated requirements for writing the CMA National Exam.

Upon completion of the MTP Program, candidates must complete the CMA Strategic leadership Program to qualify for licensing in Ontario.

MTP Program Overview:

To provide candidates with the necessary tools to obtain CMA Accreditation, the MTP Program has three stages:

Term One:
In the initial phase of the program, candidates will receive 8 weeks of Language Training and Accounting Principles course, which includes Occupations Specific Language Training, Business Writing, Work place Communication and Accounting Principles.

Term Two:
Through partnership with CMA Ontario, candidates complete a 30-week Accelerated CMA program, which is combined with WEST Technical Training. Upon completion of these courses, candidates are eligible to enrol the CMA Entrance Exam Preparation Classes.

Term Three:
Through partnership with CMA Ontario, candidates complete a 6-week CMA Entrance Exam Preparation program, which is combined with WEST tutor session. Upon completion of these courses, candidates are equipped to write the CMA Entrance Exam. Passing this exam allows entry to the CMA Strategic Leadership Program (SLP).


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