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WEST is involved in the following research projects and partnerships:

Women`s Financial Preparedness: Bridging the Divide in Windsor-Essex

Project Objectives:
Financial Preparedness Download Needs Assessment WEST has been funded by Status of Women Canada to conduct a research project to promote lifelong financial preparedness planning for women in Windsor-Essex. The project seeks to facilitate systemic change through partnerships with decision makers in the banking industry and alternative financial organizations to examine gaps in service and resources for women to advance their financial preparedness.

We are looking for a diverse group of women from various age groups, economic, financial life cycles and ethnic backgrounds to join the Council of Women. These women will be involved in curriculum design, developing project tools and creating implementation strategies. WEST, in conjunction with our industry partners and the Council of Women will identify and implement a strategy to ensure women have the information and support they need to become financially prepared. This project seeks to eliminate gender inequality in financial preparedness and ultimately to ensure economic prosperity for the diverse women of Windsor and Essex County.


Women`s Financial Preparedness: Bridging the Divide in Windsor-Essex Project Update:


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Labour Market Partnership Program

Project Objectives:
Women and Youth in Trades Download Local Strategy Report Download Human Resources Toolkit Women's Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. has received funding from the Ontario Labour Market Partnership, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to conduct local community-based labour market research on occupations with high underrepresentation of women to identify the challenges, barriers and attitudes of employers in these fields.

The project objective is to gain an understanding of employer challenges relating to recruiting, hiring and retention of women in their respective trade; identify strategies to increase employment of women in trades; identify potential policy strategy prioritize outreach to women to consider the trades; and to develop a local HR strategy for women to consider the skilled trades.

We want to hear from:
  • Employers in the Trades
  • Tradespeople
  • Staffing agencies and Recruiters
  • Community Partners
  • Educators
Women only represent:
  • 25% of the manufacturing sector
  • 10% of the construction sector
  • 30% of the transportation and warehousing sector

This is at a time when these industries are experiencing a significant skills shortage.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the research phase of this project. We will be unveiling the HR strategy on June 10th at the Ciociaro Club of Windsor.


Labour Market Partnership Project Update:

W.E. $UCCEED: Beyond the Status Quo

We $ucceed Beyond the Status QuoW.E. $UCCEED: Beyond the Status Quo is funded by Status of Women and is a youth-led research project aimed at strengthening girls' and young women's economic prosperity.

The aim is to:
  1. Address economic issues impacting girls and young women in the Windsor-Essex community.

  2. Educate girls and young women on career opportunities in skilled trades, science, technology, engineering, math and entrepreneurship.

  3. Encourage community stakeholder to take specific action to improve girls' and young women's fulfillment of their economic potential.

WE $ucceed: Beyond the Status Quo Project Update:
Download Needs Assessment Report Download Prosperity Map


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