Discover Canada

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This workshop will help prepare participants to write their Canadian Citizenship test.

Learn about

  • Canada’s region,
  • Canadian history
  • Canadian culture.

EDGE Girls Crew

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This youth program provides young women ages 14 to 24  a chance to participate in fun activities, develop leadership skills, volunteer in the community and meet new people.

Join us every Wednesday!

Computer Base Workshop – What Job is Right for Me?

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During this workshop participants will learn about computer-based online assessment tools to help them assess their  skills, aptitude, and interests in order to target their career goals. The workshop will also give  participants a chance to explore job market information, learn about the chosen sectors plus discover the skills and education required.

• Explore  WEexplore and CareerCruising  websites.

Computer Base Workshop – Getting to know MS PowerPoint

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This workshop will introduce participants to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013. Participants will learn about the main features of PowerPoint, such as creating and editing professional-grade presentations, inserting pictures and adding animation effects.

• Learn how to create presentations.
• Apply different slide layouts and designs
• Apply slide transitions and custom animations to slides and objects
• Learn how to add sound and movies into a presentation (i.e. YouTube videos).
• Set up headers and footers on slides and handouts
• Print presentations with different layouts
• Understand how to use the Slide Master

Ready for Work

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This workshop will provide participants with resources to help them with their integration into a new Canadian workplace and how to retain their employment. Participants will:

• Identify the essential steps needed for integration into a new workplace.
• Identify skills and knowledge needed to maintain their job and advance.
• Improve their workplace communication and interpersonal skills.
• Learn how to apply better problem solving and time management skills.

The Hidden & Visible Job Market

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  • Learn key techniques that will help you access the job market.
  • Learn how to identify and access the visible and hidden job market.
  • Learn how to job search using different tools.

Resume Writing

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This workshop will help participants learn how to prepare an effective resume, the dos and don’ts and creating a functional resume.
• Learn how to write a resume and create your own.
• Learn how to create a targeted resume to respond to job ads.
• Understand the purpose and contents of a functional resume.

Math Refresher Class

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WEST, in partnership with GECDSB Literacy and Basic Skills Program, is offering Math refresher classes for our upcoming intake of the CNC/INDUSTRIAL MECHANIC MILLWRIGHT PROGRAM. The CNC/Industrial Mechanic Millwright Pre-Apprenticeship Program helps participants gain skills and employment within the trades sectors without any prior knowledge and experience. 

If you are interested in applying for WEST’s  CNC/INDUSTRIAL MECHANIC MILLWRIGHT PROGRAM starting August 2019 and need to upgrade your Math skills, then this program is right for you. Through an individualized approach the participants will receive support that will focus on their mathematical needs to help them upgrade and improve their Math skills.

Classes are also open to clients in the Windsor -Essex who are interested in upgrading their Math skills to support their career goals.



Computer Training – MS Word

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This 12-week Microsoft Word Training program will be offered three to four times throughout the year. The training program will cover topics on:

• Creating and managing documents
• Formatting text, paragraphs, and sections
• Creating tables and lists
• Applying references
• Inserting and formatting objects
• Mail Merge
• Working with illustrations and references

Note: Microsoft certification option is available for the Microsoft Word class.

Computer Base Workshop – Thank you/Follow up Letter

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Learn how to create a Thank you Letter for a potential employer after the interview.  The participants will gain a better understanding of the difference between open paragraph and closed paragraph letters and create a business letter.

• Understand the importance of Thank You/Follow up letter
• Learn the proper formatting and contents.