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Episode 6 – Overcoming Inner Challenges and Becoming a Leader

Episode 6 – Overcoming Inner Challenges and Becoming a Leader

What role does listening to your inner guidance and facing challenges in have in creating better more gender equal opportunities?

Join Executive Director Rose Hurst as she learns how Ann’s Diab’s career achievements were shaped by her roles in life, from being the granddaughter and daughter of newcomers to choosing to become a working mother and an advocate for women.


  1. How did Ann’s early experiences helping her Grandmother shaped her into the kind of leader she is today: 1:16
  2. Discover what Anne’s inner voice was telling her and how she was encouraged to listen to it: 4:40
  3. How did having support help Ann in her build her career opportunities: 6:02
  4. Challenges don’t stop when you enter a career path. Learn how Ann reacted to the discomfort of achieving new goals in her career. 7:20
  5. How can the leadership of WEST help employees to build their own careers? 14:30
  6. What vision does Ann have for future services to help WEST participants? 15:20
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