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Anti-Racism Statement from Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc.

Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. stands with everyone fighting against racism toward any and all people. We are saddened and angered by recent anti-Asian violence in the US and Canada.  No one in Canada should feel unsafe because of who they are, the colour of their skin, or where their ancestors come from.

We  stand with members of the Asian community and other disadvantaged communities  We stand for unity, equality, and safety for all men, women, and children regardless of race, class, gender, nationality.  As we continue to work diligently to assist disadvantaged women in the Windsor-Essex community, we shall continue to challenge racism and other forms of discrimination that exist in our community and are committed to working with our community for more inclusive representation in workplaces.

Although we often think of Canada as a beacon for multiculturalism, pervasive yet often covert racism is a part of the daily lives of our friends and colleagues and women we serve.

We join Canadians and Americans in acknowledging the pain felt due to racial violence and expressing the need for our communities to come together in solidarity to fight against racism and intolerance.

WEST demonstrates our commitment to inclusion through representation. Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. was incorporated in 1987 to improve the employability skills of severely-employment disadvantaged women in order to improve their employability in the workforce and or to further their education. Our Board of Directors, our staff and the participants we work with in our programs all represent the diversity seen across the world. WEST will continue to be a leader in the community and committed to fighting against racism and intolerance.

We all have a role to play in fighting back against anti-Asian racism.Together, we can and will make a difference to turn the tide of hatred. The following recommendations from Stop AAPI Hate ( offers five ways to help if you witness hate, according to the organization:

  •  Take action: Approach the targeted person, introduce yourself and offer support.
  • Actively listen: Ask before taking any actions and respect the other person’s wishes. Monitor the situation if needed.
  • Ignore the attacker: Using your discretion, Stop AAPI Hate says to attempt to calm the situation by using your voice, body language or distractions.
  • Accompany: If the situation escalates, invite the targeted person to join you in leaving the area.
  • Offer emotional support: Help the other person by asking how they’re feeling and assist them in figuring out what they want to do next.

Please report all incidents to 911 and the Canadian Human Rights Commision at

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