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Episode 2 – Believing in Woman in the Skilled Trades

Episode 2 – Believing in Woman in the Skilled Trades

What is it about a career as an Electrician, Millwright or Plumber that could benefit a woman?

How long might it take for a woman to see the economic benefits of having a career in the skilled trades?

Join WEST’s Lillian Gallant as she learns what makes Master Electrician and Entrepreneur Rob Paglia keeps pushing for women to be part of his business and the skilled trades.


  1. Handling intimidation in a male-dominated environment is possible (2:32)
  2. Internal confidence can help you advocate for yourself at work (4:48 & 6:40)
  3. Having women apprentices on the job site is an advantage for employers (7:06)
  4. Big Increases in wages in the skilled trades can happen within five years (8:08)
  5. How to find the best career fit within the spectrum of options in the skilled trades (8:55)

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