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Episode 3 – International Career Changes and Challenges

Episode 3 – International Career Changes and Challenges

Sometimes, one career is not enough.

What does a person do when they feel the need to move on?

How do you keep moving toward your goal when faced with the challenges that will come up on your journey?

Learn how Kay Park found her way around gender inequalities and family expectations to a new career in Canada in this conversation with Lyn Caine, WEST’s Women In Skilled Trades Program Coordinator.


  1. Savings, moving to a new country, education and family support were keys to kicking off a career change(5:40)
  2. Setbacks require perseverance and facing fears about future unknowns (7:37)
  3. Being open to coincidences can lead to opportunities in unexpected places (8:57)
  4. Having just one person to share challenges with can make a tremendous difference in reaching one’s goals (10:08)
  5. How to create a positive mindset when facing personal difficulties (14:04)

Whether you are new to Canada or not, we can help you through your transition to your next best career. Please visit us at or call us at 519-256-6621

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