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Episode 5 – A Time for Speaking Up and Self-Advocacy

Episode 5 – A Time for Speaking Up and Self-Advocacy

After you become aware of inequalities, what do you do next?

How might you approach a situation where you are not being paid appropriately?

Listen in to a conversation between Executive Director, Rose Anguiano Hurst and Sheila Barker about building community, speaking up for what is fair and right, and the value of a mentoring relationship.


  1. The messages we received as children help shape we see the world and our value or place in it – 7:05
  2. Understanding the evolution from gender equity towards gender equality and equal access to opportunities – 12:23
  3. How Sheila approached a life changing conversation about being paid equally 13:34
  4. A wise lesson Rose learned through Sheila’s mentorship 26:10
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