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Omolade Williams – My Story

Omolade Williams

Omolade Williams

My Story

Prior to taking this course, I was a business analyst, IT network systems project manager and product manager.

My Masters was in innovative manufacturing in the UK, however I had no hands-on experience on the shop floor.

I was working full time at Ground Effects for minimum wage.


My Power Shift

The pre-apprenticeship program added knowledge that made me employable. I developed new skills such as: differentiating between different bolts, practicing safety and mandatory skills with tools and understanding how to utilize tools for optimum results.

All subject areas are relevant to the skills required in all aspects of practical manipulation of tools to complete a skilled project; from blueprint reading to moving equipment from one location to another.


My Future

Upon completion of the program, I experienced a major step-up with my career growth.

My first job after completing the program, I started at $18.22/hr and 6 months later, I received another increment up to $22.00/hr.

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