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Tracey Thomas – My Story

Tracey ThomasHow has WEST impacted my life?

WEST was a place of comfort and joy when I was grieving the loss of my brother.

It was a starting place and fresh beginning for me when I was at a crossroad in my life.

WEST propelled me into the direction I was meant to go and encouraged me to move forward into all the best that was to come.

I consider WEST my sorority for the strength of relationship and women that has always been found there.

On my journey, I was recognized as a Journey to Success recipient. It was because of WEST that I was able to move into a 30 year relationship with the community through the City of Windsor Social Services Department retiring as Caseworker and Public Servant this week.

It was WEST that put me on the path to return to school and complete not only my undergraduate Bachelor degree from the University of Windsor but also propelled me forward to complete my graduate level studies from Ecumenical Theological School in Detroit to receive my Masters of Divinity. This has enabled me to continue in serving my faith community as a Pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I credit WEST for the enduring, timely impact for me and for all women who are likewise blessed and benefit from the opportunities offered.

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